Time is the best author, always finds a perfect ending

If there’s anything production companies struggle with in Colombia is time, almost from the beginning of projects. There few occasions in which we can truly invest the time to shape good proposals, the norm is to be called with urgency to generate costs that sometimes are not the better prepared and make the projects to never see the light due to over cost or over dimension towards client expectations.

This happens, in some way, because of the speediness of the current moment. All this ignoring execution times: Venues are busy in the day of the set up sometimes, making the team enter the site at very late-night hours for events that happen in the morning. It implies more logistics, sometimes two work shifts and finding hotels in the same area so personnel can have a longer rest.

Charles Chaplin said it right: “Time is the best author, always finds a perfect ending”. Things end up going well, satisfied client and happy but tired team.

This is an invitation to meditate, to consider that the setup day has additional costs, but it is also a guarantee for the event to go as expected. This is something that happens in Colombia, especially in event production. We rarely find this type of situations with abroad clients; whose time factor is as important as it should always be.

In a forum I assisted someone asked me: What is you like the most about the technological moment que live currently? Which I answered: Immediacy. Thanks to it we have access to faithful information at any time or communicating fast. In contrast, they asked me what I liked the less, which I answered the same: Immediacy. The fact that we are demanded to live in a vertiginous speed and that all situation must hace an immediate solution. Years ago, we had the virtue of waiting to know where someone was, attend a phone message, an email or a letter. Currently it is a necessity to answer 3 chats and 10 messages immediately at the expense of losing business: I’ve lost business in an hour flight, a time that I make te most for disconnecting of the world, see things from above, from another perspective.

It’s a fact that we have gotten used to and which we have been years getting along with. The ways, resources and talents have changed and evolved, trying to make everything simpler even if it gets more complex.

I conclude with a Chaplin’s quote:

“Life is a play that does not allow testing. So, sing, cry, dance, laugh and live intensely, before the curtain closes and the piece ends with no applause.”

By: Andrés Vásquez

Eleven Studios