Sales point is the


  • More than going in a store in search of a needed or desired item, buyer goes inside the shop, even without realizing, in the search of a buying experience, recreated in a technological environment, comfortable where interaction with products and clerks are a decisive factor in the moment to take a chance on a product. Here we begin to find similarities between going to an event and going in a store, there must be an experience designed for today’s customer.

  • Sale point is the scenario where the limits between real and virtual world are dissolved. Big part of the experience happens in the site, but it’s complemented with information the user searches constantly through virtual and augmented reality designed to make them interact with products. Using games, sales, virtual catalogues, all of them are exposition component in Social Media.

  • Last year in The States 71% of buyers used their mobile devices for activities related with their buying decision: Article reading, price comparing, browsing and even to make payments and take ideas for future commercial seasons. This cypher was 15% more than the one registered in 2017, says Shoppers-First Retailing Report. It is fair to say that it’s a global trend that been rising a couple of years ago.


  • We must be aware that probably there won’t be a second chance to impact the buyer that got close to a store. Mentally and in attitude, que must change the OPEN sign for ON AIR, as if we were on an event or live show. Always having in mind that the human quality in the sale point is high priority and the virtual tools are added value on interaction that enrich the buying experience. This mixture of client service and technological innovation make the visit to sales point unforgettable, irrepetible and shared on social media.

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By: Alberto Vásquez

Eleven Studios