What is an innovation system and how to create one for your company?

A few years ago, the word innovation has flooded commercial and cultural spaces in such a way that many companies, independent from the type of industry they belong to, have begun to find methods to innovate with the products or services they offer.

A part of this process is generating an innovation system: The group of steps we take to make an organization capable of producing a coherent product with the necessities of the current market.

In this brief article we’ll give you some advice on how to stablish an innovation system inside your organization, foestering innovation leaders and a development driven company culture.

Foster human talent

All organizations have a human talent to develop activities that depend on the organization; however, the majority of the people have abilities that we haven’t learn to develop fully due to the absence of spaces or the preparation to execute them.

An important part of making an innovation system is recognizing abilities and fostering the apprehension through activities that allow the person to explore more deeply their interests and beyond the craftsmanship they execute in their work daily life.

Organize an innovation team

Fostering the human talen from your organization, it’s true, but equally important is to stablish a precise team with clear roles that allow your product to reach a new level.

Understanding the role that each of the persons in your team dedicated to a new product development, allows you to take control over time and evolution of the development.

We recommend having a specific structure for this organization to reach better results. We have made this structure as an example:

· Project Director: Person in charge of managing the project.

·Producer: Person in charge of supervising the production of the project.

·Product Experts: People in charge of developing the product.

· Testers: People in charge of testing the product.

Stablishing a Project Management Methodology

Project Managing are specific steps inside a development scheme in a product that make possible to measure progress in the development of your product and at the same time know when it’s finished and ready to distribute.

Currently there are diverse production methodologies that depending on the industry your company belongs to, may help you to reach innovation in your products, here some examples:

· Lean Startup


· Prince2


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