* Retail is experimenting one of the most defiant moments in its history due to online shopping. It represents an oportunity not only to mantain but even to increment sales through experience development in brick and mortar.

* Eleven has been a leader in audiovisual technology for corporate and brand events. Dealing with the adaptation on technology used for entertainment, design, mixing and development of technologies that enrich the experience of the user where anything it may be the contact point: Events, activations, promotions and, more recently, Trade marketing strategies.

* Interactivity is the key to enrich the experience in retail. The new consumer navigates, shares, is a receptor… is not passive. Thus, strategies for Trade can be supported by technologies and developments for showcases and sale points that invite the consumer to interact with brands and products in a fun, informative and decisive way.


Sales point is a mixture of sentiments. It is emotion, desire, enthusiasm, buy decision. In the same way we must mix different types of experiences to impact in a way or another each one of these emotions. Technologies like mapping and interactive displays, video showcases, LED systems, scents, physical product showcases, transparent displays, video gondolas are translated in multisensorial experiences that entich to the Trade Marketing strategy, at the same time they enrich the “truth moments” of the consumer in the point of sale.

Success Case

Improve the sale through customized information

Rebecca Minkof, a retail American brand has understood that users can improve their experiences through data storage from their visit, allowing them to buy outside of the store and checking availability of products in other stores of the same distributor.

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