How to make contents for great format LED Screens

The usage of scenography for big projection surfaces, stopped being a privilege of grand artistic shows, it has slowly become a favorite format in corporative events. It’s versatility and the possibility to constantly transform itself, the great impact and the remembrance it produces among spectators are solid arguments to explain its popularity. If you have thought or have chosen this format for your next event, it is important to have these tips on mind:

  • You’re choosing giant LED screens or a big projection surface because you want to call public’s attention and amaze the public.

  • For a great projection surface or big size LED screen to call the attention desired, contents must look coherent with the presentation.

  • Creating projected contents in giant screens for your communications isn’t as simple as other more frequent formats. Technical specifications, working with exact pixels on each area, the language used, the graphic elements, the soundtrack and the times are different, and because of this, special attention must be paid to each one of these aspects that conform the message to be screened.

  • “Content is King” is a common place, but it’s true. Prepare with enough time and precision every moment of your event and what you want to be shown in your screens. Consider it is not a Power Point presentation, thus you must avoid last minute changes in order to prevent trouble. Stablish a schedule with your content development supplier so it can be finished days before the event.

  • Content must be poignant but shouldn’t saturate public. It should be simplistic: remember you have a massive surface where spectator shouldn’t struggle to focus on the message. Use simple typefaces, combine complementary colours that stand out, don’t use decorative elements just to fill the surface unless they’re necessary. Animations should be swift and simple. These easy steps will help you communicate better with the crowd.

  • Scenography and projection surface are unique, that’s why it’s important to innovate in this aspect. This means to break the mould on what it has already been commonly used.

  • To conclude, have patience at the setting up and testing. Even experience can be flawed, and trouble comes up at the setting up moment. Take it easy, try to sort out the problems as swiftly and patiently as possible. Let your supplier do their thing and trust their experience.

More than a disruptive element in corporative events, scenographic mapping or giant LED screen usage are a reinvented format from great artistic shows, very efficient for transmitting corporate messages that require high quality contents in order to be sharp.

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By: Daniel Vásquez

Eleven Studios