360 Videos, also known as inmersive video, are not only a product of technological development, it is also one of the new ways human being conceives the world and shares experiences with others using internet and new technologies.  This has made, not only creation of new platforms easier, but new audiovisual languages where the protagonist is the user.

There is a constant desire to establish new forms of enjoying new experiences in virtual and digital platforms, where the content meets the objective of entertaining. However, exploring the 360 video resource has shown that it’s application is as diverse as interesting. Besides being an entertainment element by itself, it can also be educative depending on the content: Encouraging the viewer to be more active in the experience makes the content even more effective.

What are the applications for 360 videos in the AV industry?

Through Social Media, Internet, and diverse technology, the great majority of consumers of audiovisual content in the world have in their hands the chance to learn new tendencies and innovations that are being developed in a daily base. At this point, 360 video arrives as a tool for designing inmersive experiences, allowing the consumer to experiment from a subjective perspective (as if their eyes were  lenses of a camera) travellings and projections of specific places where the environment can be appreciated in any direction (Using VR devices).

Although this experience was originally developed with an entertainment background, corporative industry and marketing have used this tool, taking it to a whole new level.

As part of our experience in March 2018, Eleven was contacted by the Agency 911.  The company Telefónica, wanted it’s clients and partners to get to know the facilities of their datacentre, located in the city of Bogota, a place where very few have access for security matters. Eleven participated in all the stages of development: Pre-Production, Production and Post- Production of a 360 video meeting the requirements of the client and we managed to give a more than satisfying result. Some days after in an exposition, clients, partners and public in general were able to meet this amazing place.

We’re vere pleased about our participation in this project using 360 video to make more of what we love to do: Create experiences.

Eleven Studios